• 1.Introduction of natural style floral design: famous american florist knowledge share and demonstration

  • 2.Design principle and key elements of natural floral design

  • 3.American wedding and party culture, customer prefernces and floral requirments, how to do overall planning for a wedding or party

  • 4.Natural floral arrangements practice, include: bouquets, circlets, small arches, buttonholes, high table centerpieces and other special floral arrangements

  • 5.Floral styling and photography techniques: natural floral arrangement practice, and learn how to record your own works through lens

  • 6.Project practice: plan an event floral deisgn project together with the teacher. Learn to design the main arrangements, to use color harmony, to choose vases, props, etc.

  • 7.Entrepreneurship support: learn how to start your own business as a florist, how to promote yourself effectively